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SecurityTokenService v2


Service Provider: National Social Security Office (NSSO)

Service that allows a consumer to request the issuance of a security token in order to ensure authentication.


Service Contract SecurityTokenService_v2.zip .zip - Nieuw venster
Service Specification SecurityTokenService_v2.pdf .pdf - Nieuw venster
Acceptation: release 2.0 12/10/2021
Simulation: release 2.0 19/10/2021
Production: release 2.0 19/10/2021
Major Version 2.0

Technical Info

Local name Namespace
SecurityTokenService http://socialsecurity.be/sts/v2


Endpoint Description
https://services.socialsecurity.be/SecurityTokenService/v2 Service endpoint for Production environment via Internet (Security policy : X.509).
https://services-sim.socialsecurity.be/SecurityTokenService/v2 Service endpoint for Simulation environment via Internet (Security policy : X.509).