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BillRetainment v1


Service Provider: National Social Security Office (NSSO)

Service that provides access if the withholding obligation (under the legislation 30bis) applies to the employer and that allows to prepare batch payments that should be deducted from the invoice.


Service Contract BillRetainment_v1.zip .zip - Nieuw venster
Service Specification BillRetainment_v1.pdf .pdf - Nieuw venster
WDSL BillRetainment_v1.wsdl Nieuw venster
Acceptation: release 1.2 20/02/2018
Simulation: release 1.2 20/02/2018
Production: release 1.2 20/02/2018
Version 1.2

Technical Info

Local name Namespace
BillRetainment http://socialsecurity.be/billretainment/v1


Endpoint Description
https://services.socialsecurity.be/BillRetainment/v1 Service endpoint for Production environment via Internet (Security policy : SAML HOK).
https://services-sim.socialsecurity.be/BillRetainment/v1 Service endpoint for Simulation environment via Internet (Security policy : SAML HOK).