As of March 1st, the L1 certificate will include a QR code.
Certain activities in the construction sector, undertaken on Belgian soil, are subjected to a mandatory presence registration.
For individuals who will be working in Belgium in the construction sector on or after April 1st 2014, the QR code provides an easy means to fill in the Checkinatwork attendance register.
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Login with eID (electronic identity card) for European countries is no longer available. Please use your username and password to log in.

As part of the simplification of the mandatory declaration, the general certificate for multiple employees is no longer being issued. Instead, you will only receive a Limosa-1 certificate for each person declared.

Working in Belgium: Limosa

Are you a foreign company, organisation or self-employed person and do you wish to employ someone in Belgium? Or do you wish to establish yourself in Belgium in order to pursue a temporary or partial activity as a self-employed person? Then you must first meet a number of basic conditions.

On this site, we are building a unique portal, which will considerably simplify your administrative obligations.

How to proceed

  1. Create an account

    In order to submit Limosa declarations, you must have a user ID and a password, so you need to create an account first.
  2. Report your activities using the 'mandatory LIMOSA declaration' application

    If you are a non-Belgian employer or self-employed person and you carry out temporary or partial assignments in Belgium, you must declare these activities in advance.

    The mandatory Limosa declaration is your key to proper temporary or partial employment in Belgium.

  3. Are there other obligations that you must satisfy?

    In addition to the mandatory declaration, there may be other obligations that you must satisfy, depending on your specific situation. Some of these obligations require additional administrative formalities and/or financial contributions. For others, there are certain minimum conditions that you have to respect.

    To help you further, we have included here a summary of these other obligations which might apply to you regarding a temporary provision of service in Belgium.

    Before you come to Belgium:

    While you are staying in Belgium:

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